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"A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs, who, however, has never learned to walk forward.
A liberal is a man who uses his legs and his hands at the behest ... of his head." - Franklin D Roosevelt

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Americans For Prosperity Bunk Ad De-Bunked

Sorry folks , I’ve been away and haven’t posted lately.  I’ve been devoting time to find gainful employment and taking care of medical issues.  This doesn’t mean, however, that I have kept my head in the sand and given up on the fight.
So now, on to the heart of the matter…

American’s for Prosperity recently released a new TV attack ad against President Obama (late April 2012).  Now if you’re not paying attention to what is ACTUALLY being said you could easily be misled.

So to make sure NO American is misled, I will deconstruct this false attack ad.  

Let’s begin, shall we?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Conceal And Carry, Trayvon Williams, And Why Florida Law Will Allow Tragedy To Happen Again

Friday, March 9th I read an article on The Ed Show's MSNBC website about the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.  At that time, the 9-1-1 tapes had not been released.  But based upon the info as reported by MSNBC and their sources, it struck me even then that this echoes concerns I have for "Conceal & Carry" laws.

My comments from that day:

(screenshot capture from http://progressivepeorianblogspot.newsvine.com/)

Now, before the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is proffered up, let me assure readers that I unequivocally believe in the right to own a firearm in the United States...(continued)

Monday, March 19, 2012

How Democratic IS The Democratic Primary IL 17th Congressional Dist?

Liberals, how lucky are we?  We have 3 Democratic candidates vying for the opportunity to run against IL Rep. Bobby Schilling in Illinois' 17th Congressional District.  And tomorrow is the BIG day - the Democratic Primary, tomorrow (March 20th, 2012).

But how democratic IS this Democratic Primary?  In my opinion, not so much.  

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pro-Liberal (Anti-Republican) Pics [Gallery]

You're on Facebook.  Your "friend" posts an anti-Obama pic that boils your blood.

Here are some pro-liberal / anti-republican pics for you to post to your Facebook page...I hope you have the courage to fight fire with fire.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Republican's Rhetoric Rewards Racism...Really!

Is the Republican (hateful) Rhetoric leading to more racism in America?  Let me answer that one for you.  Yes.  

I've known for years that racism and Republicans go together like white hoods and burning crosses, but I figure that many will argue that there is no connection...so let's connect the dots.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Obama College Video And Critical Race Theory - "Don't Believe The Hype"

Boy, did this CNN interview cause a Twitter backlash against Soledad yesterday…but I honestly don’t know why.  She asked a very pointed question: “What’s the bombshell?”  And Pollak's answer was, well, rather weak.  And once I learned what "Critical Race Theory" ("CRT") was, I understood EXACTLY why Yahoo called this a "dud".

Thursday, March 8, 2012

2012 Presidential Election: Voting For Obama, Remember What It Felt Like?

Romney and the conservatives (note the distinction?) would have you believe America is in decline.  That our nation is on the brink of disaster, and that it's all President Barack Obama's fault.  Don't believe it.

DO believe this is an on-going attack on the hopes and dreams of Americans.  And why not?  It was the then Senator Barack Obama's message of hope that inspired us to believe America was still great and that we could fix what was wrong with America.  And so if we continued to be inspired, have hope, and believe things can change for the better, this presents a threat to the status quo the "right" wants to maintain.

I recently was feeling discouraged about the prospects of the 2012 election, but then began to remember what it felt like to be inspired and vote for Barack Obama...here's (hear) my tale.  I hope it (re)inspires you: