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Friday, February 17, 2012

Are Willard (Mitt) Romney's Claims Of Credit For 2002 Olympics' Success Hypocritical?

G.O.P. Candidate (again) for President of the United States, Willard (Mitt) Romney claims credit for success of the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City.  In fact, it appears its one of the pillars of his "qualifications" to be Commander-In-Chief.

But is this claim just more GOPocrisy?  More Mitt Romney flip-floppery?

It certainly is a topic of discussion that has taken hold recently.  And with Mitt Romney losing ground to Rick Santorum, its a topic that can't help his efforts.

I found this article in the Boston Herald.  Their headline reads, "Mitt Romney says he turned around Olympics.  Did he?"  Well before we dive right into the whole messy deal, I would like to offer my answer: "Yes, I think he did."  BUT - that is not why I am posting about this.  Rather, I would like to focus on Mitt Romney's hypocritical position on Federal hand-outs (my term, not his).

We all remember Willard (Mitt) Romney's position on the Federal government providing money ("bail-out") of the Detroit auto-makers.  My assumption, and that of other pundits left and right, was that Mitt Romney took the position he did on the "bail-outs" to better his standing with Neo-Cons and Tea Party supporters.

What's that, you say?  Your recollection of Mitt Romney's position is fuzzy-at-best?  Allow me to refresh your memory with help from YouTube and "DemRapidResponse":


Now, contrast that with the following video uploaded by the DNC. (look for the John McCain cameo):


Does this seem like hypocrisy to you?  Because it does to me.  Mitt Romney accepted over a billion from the Federal government when it suited his purposed...but when the auto makers of Detroit needed money, it was a totally unacceptable concept to him.

And while you ponder whether or not this more GOPocrisy or Mitt Romney flip-floppery (seek help if took you more than :12 seconds to decide) remember this: 


Willard (Mitt) Romney touts "saving" the 2002 Olympics as one of his qualification to be President of the United States, but the manner in which he DID save the 2002 Winter Olympics goes against his "Conservative principles" (my words, not his).

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