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Monday, March 19, 2012

How Democratic IS The Democratic Primary IL 17th Congressional Dist?

Liberals, how lucky are we?  We have 3 Democratic candidates vying for the opportunity to run against IL Rep. Bobby Schilling in Illinois' 17th Congressional District.  And tomorrow is the BIG day - the Democratic Primary, tomorrow (March 20th, 2012).

But how democratic IS this Democratic Primary?  In my opinion, not so much.  

WTVP recently aired a debate amongst the 3 Democratic primary challengers for the Illinois' 17th Congressional District: Greg Aguilar, Cheri Bustos, and George Gaulrapp.  Being a progressive liberal, I decided to watch the debate (by the way, good job, WTVP), and afterwards, wanted to learn more about the three candidates.  So I went to the most popular, local, Democratic Facebook page (Peoria IL County Democrats, a page I "liked" even before this debate) to do a little research.

And what I discovered, was that even though this is a primary to decide who will run against Rep. Bobby Schilling, only candidate Cheri Bustos was being given coverage.  Now don't get me wrong, Dems, should Cheri Bustos win the Democratic Primary, I will ABSOLUTELY support her in the general election.  I would just kinda like Democrats to be fair about support for candidates vying the chance...after all, aren't we supposed to be the political party that champions equality and fairness?

"So where the proof that Democrats have already decided we should all vote for Cheri Bustos?", you ask?  

Facebook page of Peoria IL County Democrats since Feb. 2012:
Hmm...so I posted a question on Peoria IL County Democrat's Facebook page asking if they too had endorsed Bustos.  Here's the conversation:

Now while it's possible that Cheri Bustos has been in Peoria more than the other candidates, therefore garnering more "coverage", it just seems AWFULLY one-sided.  And if posting articles is just being informative, again, seems AWFULLY one-sided!

Have the other 2 candidates not been endorsed by anyone?

Have the newspapers in the 17th Congressional District NOT written articles about the other 2 candidates?

Do they not have accomplishments or vital info on their websites that could or should be shared with other Democratic supporters and voters?

Putting Peoria IL County Democrats aside (whom, by the way, I do support - despite my consternation), let's look at the email I got from MoveOn.org:


It's an email clearly suggesting candidates that progressives should vote for.  Now, while they do have a link which may possibly include a disclaimer about not supporting any one candidate (don't know for sure), what is clear is that PRIOR TO THE PRIMARY Cheri Bustos is recommended...not Gaulrapp, not Aguilar.

Finally, campaign literature was hand-delivered to my house yesterday (Sunday).  All 3 of these were delivered by one person, all at the same time:

Look closely at the "ballot".  Where it shows 17th District Primary Candidates (circled red), Bustos has been selected of the 3.  It is paid for by Friends of Allen Mayer.

Once again, the fact that ALL 3 were delivered at once, suggests to me that they all came from the same place and that somehow this "one place" has already decided who we, as Democrats, should vote for.  Once again, IN A PRIMARY, the other 2 Democratic (primary) candidates were not represented.


Now this isn't the general election, and I'm not giving up on the party.  But I guess I AM wondering why the "Democratic Party Powers-That-Be" won't give us Democrats an un-biased look or choice at who is available for my vote tomorrow!  With all of the effort and money put into convincing me who I should vote for in the primary for the 17th Congressional District, why is this same Democratic Party (seemingly) given up on the race for the Illinois 18th Congressional District already?

Now you tell me...just how democratic IS the Democratic party?

On a side-note...do you wanna know who impressed me most in the WTVP's debate and who I would vote for in the primary if given the choice (yes, that was meant to be snarky)?  Message me or leave me a comment, and I'll reply with that answer!


  1. The shenanigans you note are part of what led me to leave the democratic party and run as an independent.

    If the annointed one manages to complete her coronation, may I suggest you don't simply vote based on party affiliation?

    For information on the most qualified candidate in the race, please visit www.EricReyes.us

    1. Hi Eric, thank you for your comments. Guess I'm not the only one who thinks "democracy" should be an integral part of what the Democratic Party should stand for.

      Despite my frustration, though, I won't necessarily give up on the party just yet. I visited your website, and will suggest voters do the same...then visit Cheri Bustos' too, and contrast what you both have to offer as solutions.

      Good luck on your run for the IL 17th Congressional District. Please keep in touch!


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