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A liberal is a man who uses his legs and his hands at the behest ... of his head." - Franklin D Roosevelt

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pro-Liberal (Anti-Republican) Pics [Gallery]

You're on Facebook.  Your "friend" posts an anti-Obama pic that boils your blood.

Here are some pro-liberal / anti-republican pics for you to post to your Facebook page...I hope you have the courage to fight fire with fire.

PLEASE...Feel free to share!


(Please note: the following pics are not mine.  In fairness, I have credited the sites they were downloaded from.)

These following pics are all courtesy of the Facebook page, I Acknowledge Class Warfare Exists (please visit them for more pics!):

By the way, here's the George Carlin video too:

Here's a few more - from the Facebook page, Formidable Republican Opposition (please visit them for more pics!):

This one says it all...

Thanks again to the Facebook pages, I Acknowledge Class Warfare Exists and Formidable Republican Opposition.  Please comment and let me know if you find other great Pro-Liberal (Anti-Republican) pics.  I'd love to do a part II!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for using one of my images, I'm flattered. I'm happy to make my pictures available under a creative commons license. Could you please credit appropriately to That Girl Crystal on Flickr and link back accordingly to http://www.flickr.com/photos/thatgirlcrystal/5479749262/



Thanks for the comment! I will review and allow or deny depending on its content soon.